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ShopMate - Using a touch-screen control system

1. ShopMate – Using a touch-screen control system

ShopMate works a bit like this, but instead of using a mouse, you use your finger. For example, if you want to cause the cash drawer to open without processing a transaction, press the Alter key then the No Sale key with your finger. The cash drawer opens.

The screen ‘thinks’ like a normal computer screen when a mouse is used. Your finger-press is like the click of the mouse. If you don’t tap the key on the touch screen, but press it for a long time instead, the screen thinks you are trying to perform a different action rather than ‘click’ it. You need to get into the habit of tapping the screen quite gently, not pressing it.

Looking after your screen
The touch screen is designed for hard use and will cope with many years of normal wear and tear. There are however, some things that you should avoid. Do not use hard, sharp implements, such as pens or pencils to activate the screen. The best thing to use is your finger. Avoid using long, hard, fingernails on the screen. If the screen becomes dirty, wipe it clean with a clean, damp cloth. Dry the screen after cleaning.