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ShopMate - Save & Retrieve

1. ShopMate – making payments form the cash drawer 2. ShopMate – Refunds, No sales, Multi, Qty/barcode

1. ShopMate – Making payments form the cash drawer

This function gives the user flexibility when a customer wants to interrupt a transaction – if they have suddenly remembered a product that they need. If there is a queue in the shop, the user might want to serve others while the first customer finds the product they need. You can save the current transaction, complete other transactions then go back to the transaction you saved, add items to it and complete it as normal. Some systems call this ‘lay-away’. When you use this function, ShopMate keeps separate records of ‘open’ transactions and completed transactions. You can use Save & Retrieve to look at all open transactions as well as all historical transactions that have been completed during the day.

2. ShopMate – refunds, no sales, multi, Qty/barcode

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