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ShopMate - Promotions

1. ShopMate – Promotions


1. ShopMate – Promotions

You can operate a variety of promotions on ShopMate. We can set up promotions on your till(s) for you if you wish. This is particularly useful if you are part of a symbol group, as many of the symbol groups send promotion details to us in advance which will be automatically loaded on to your till. You can check these details in the ‘Current Promotions’ report on your system. If you don’t check, you might be surprised when promotions start or stop running. This could cause irritation amongst staff and customers.

You can manage your own promotions either on the till or, if you have the BackOffice software connected to your till(s), you can manage promotions there. The management process is the same on both.

Buy One Get One Free: E.g. Buy one of these products and get the most/least expensive one for free.

Linked Promotion: buy any number of products in group 1 and get the products in group 2 at a set price off or discount off. E.g. buy two bottles of shampoo and get Hair magazine for £1.00.

Meal Deal: Choose to have a meal deal size of either 2, 3, 4 or 5 and have a set price or discount off. E.g. select 4 for meal deal size, scan a product, a window will appear for which group you want to put the product in, select a group and press Confirm. Continue this process for each of the groups. The ‘Qty’ field is how many of the product(s) in that group is needed to trigger the promotion. E.g. If the quantity is 3 for group 1, quantity is 2 for group 2, and the quantity is 1 for group 3 and group 4, you will need to have 3 lots of a product that are in group one, 2 lots of a product in group 2 and 1 product for group 3 and group 4 to trigger the promotion.

Reduce by: any number of these products are reduced by set price off or discount off E.g. apple sour reduced by 15p.

Reduced to: reduce these products to set price off. E.g. shampoo reduce to £1.99.

Select the promotion type you require. The screen will display the boxes into which you need to add details. The first box needs a description of the promotion. This is what you will see on the screen of the till.

NOTE: The different types of promotion require you to complete different boxes on the screen. When you have entered all the details of the promotion, press Save.

You can review the promotions you have entered by pressing Back at the top right corner of the screen. If you then select the promotion description, it will bring up the promotion which can be edited and new products added. You can also see a detailed report by pressing View Report. You can edit a promotion period by selecting that period. You will then be offered ‘Add Period’, ‘Remove Period’ or ‘Edit Period’. If you press Edit Period you can set the dates.

To delete a promotion, go to the list of promotions in a particular promotion period and tick the box next to the promotion then press Remove Promotions.

How promotions work at the point of sale

When a customer presents the items on promotion at the point of sale, and they are scanned, ShopMate recognises the promotional barcodes, and automatically performs the calculation to reduce the price paid by the customer. The ShopMate user does not have to take any specific action. When a promotion has been triggered, the details of the promotion are shown on the light blue ‘Till Roll’ section of the screen and a pop-up window will display with the product promotion name.

ShopMate also produces promotion reports that show which promotions are in force at a particular time, and also gives details of how many times each promotion has been invoked.

Obtaining promotion details
The promotions you choose to run in your store are generally those provided by the symbol group you belong to or come directly from the wholesaler. Sometimes one or more of the barcodes provided by the wholesaler incorrect and this can cause problems once the promotional period begins. To prevent this happening, please check the barcodes involved with the promotion on your till and notify us of any errors as soon as possible. This will ensure that the promotional offers scan through the till correctly.

Promotion locking

Some promotions may be locked by the wholesaler there are three different states, they are:
• Unlocked – gives you the normal ability to add, edit and delete promotions.
• Add Only – you will only allow to add a new promotion, when in edit promotion, you can add or remove products, however you are unable to edit the information such type, description or price.
• Locked – will only allow to view promotions, you will unable to add, edit or delete promotions or products.

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