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ShopMate - Shelf-edge labels

ShopMate – Using shelf edge labels

1. ShopMate – Using shelf edge labels

When a new price file has been imported a popup will display on the shelf-edge label page asking if you would like to add the products where prices were changed to the list, ignore the products or Decide Later. If you press ‘Decide Later’ the same popup will display the next time you navigate to the shelf edge label page (the message will only display for price files that are imported automatically). Shelf-edge label printing can be managed in a number of different ways. If you change the price on the till in the Manage Products, you can print out either a temporary shelf edge label from the receipt printer by pressing Print next to ‘Quick Label’. This will be printed on thermal paper, which does not have a long shelf life. It would be sensible, therefore, to press the Add button next to ‘Not in Label List’ as well so that the details of the product are added to shelfedge labels to be printed or the laser printer later.

If you change the prices of products away from the till, using the hand-held scanner, when you ‘hotsync’ the scanner with the till, the prices will be changed immediately. The list of products that have had their prices changed will also be added to the label list so that you can print labels on the laser printer when you are ready to do so. Be aware that Trading Standards require you to have accurate and visible pricing on all products, and that the prices advertised on the shelf or the product must match the prices charged on the till.

Operation of shelf edge label printing from your laser printer.

To print shelf edge labels from your laser printer, you need to add details for each product to a list that contains details of the shelf edge labels that you wish to print. When you have enough products on the list, you can print the labels onto a sheet of paper or a sheet of pre-cut labels. The printer is pre-formatted to print onto an A4 sheet that contains 21 labels (3 across and 7 down). The size of these labels is determined by the height of the most widely used shelf edge fittings used around the UK.

For till rolls, printer cartridges and shelf edge labels: Talpa Office Products Ltd, 2nd Floor, 5 Princes Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5HL Tel: 01749 330683 Email:

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