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ShopMate - Managing Sessions on ShopMate

1. ShopMate – Manage session 2. ShopMate – Floats 3. ShopMate – Check session takings
4. ShopMate – Session Report

1. ShopMate – Manage session

ShopMate is designed to allow you to operate different staff shifts, each of whom runs their own session. You don’t have
to operate a strict shift system, but ShopMate will allow you to do so if you wish. To run a new session for each member of staff, follow the instructions below.

2. ShopMate – Floats

3. ShopMate – Check session takings

Extra Note:

Step 1: After ending a session, the screen changes to show a range of data entry boxes. The user needs to count the contents of the cash drawer into categories such as Cash, Cheques, Vouchers etc. The screen will display the correct boxes according to the types of payment received during the session.

Step 2: If you have added an amount and you realise that you do have more to add for the relevant payment, you can add the new amount to the existing amount and it will update the total for that payment type. If you have any payments from the till such as lottery payouts or supplier payouts, you can enter this information in the Payments Out section. Underneath the Payments In and Payments Out is the full total of the what has been entered.

If you do make a mistake counting the payments, you can clear the total for that payment type by pressing on the red cross, this will clear the total and you can re-add the correct amount.

NOTE: If you do NOT want the user to have to enter details of takings, then you can simply press the Submit Takings button, and the two reports will be generated.

4. ShopMate – Session Report

Session Report Analysis

Session report – Shop name
Till – Which till the report is from and the session identification
Payments in – These are the ways funds have left your till
Payments out – Categories you receive commission on.
Float – The amount of money you have put into the till to start your session
TOTAL CASH (in drawer) – Just cash, not card transactions, vouchers etc.
TOTAL (in drawer) – Including all the ways funds have entered your till
Total Session Movement – Total in drawer minus the float you started with
Miscellaneous –This is a general overview of the till during the session
Takings Breakdown – A snapshot of your takings. More information is available on your Financial Summary report
Commission Breakdown – Categories you receive commission on
Category Breakdown – Takings during the session for each category
Hourly Breakdown – Footfall, Date, Time & amount taken.
Signed: – Signature of whoever cashed up.

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