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ShopMate- Managing Product

1. ShopMate – Managing and editing a product 2. ShopMate – Details tab 3. ShopMate – Pricing tab
4. ShopMate – Stock Details tab 5. ShopMate- Product Group tab 6. ShopMate – Sales tab

1. ShopMate – Managing and editing a product

There are a number of important points about adding new products. These are summarised here:

• When adding the description of a product, think about how you (or another member of staff) will re-order it when it starts to run out. Give enough detail to identify it easily e.g. weight, volume etc. If it is a soft drink do not just enter the description ‘pop’.
• Although there are some compulsory fields that must be entered when adding a new product, it is helpful to enter as much information as possible, such as pack size, pack cost etc. If you operate a pricing policy that is based on the cost price of products, pack size and cost are vital to you, even though they are not shown as compulsory fields in ShopMate.

2. ShopMate – Details tab

In this tab, you can set the categories, item size and age restriction, and include an outer barcode for products

3. ShopMate – Pricing tab

In this tab, you can set the VAT level, adjust cost information, RRP and selling price. You can also set how that price is achieved. Select the appropriate box and a number pad will pop up for you to change any of the information shown. From the moment you change the price on your ShopMate system, the new price will be used for all new sales of that item. For example, the selling price is shown at the bottom of the screen as Mark Up

NOTE: If you want to price your products in relation to their cost price, or as a gross margin, you will not be able to do so if you have not added cost data for the product, or we have.

If you decide to use one of the other options for managing your prices, for example. ‘% over RRP’, then, when the RRP on that product is altered by the wholesaler or yourself, the system will automatically change the price according to the percentage over RRP that you have set when that new price reaches your tills. You need to be alert to all price changes that come through to your system otherwise your shelf edge labels will not be correct. To keep up with price changes, you need to look at the Price Change report frequently and change the relevant shelf edge labels.

The options for managing your prices are:
• % over RRP – the percentage increase on top of the RRP (e.g. RRP = £1.00, 20% over the RRP = £1.20)
• % of RRP – the percentage of the RRP (e.g. RRP = £1.00, 20% off the RRP = £0.20)
• pence over RRP – the price on top of RRP in pence (e.g. RRP = £1.00, 60p on top off RRP = £1.60)
• pence over Cost – the price on top of the item cost in pence
• % of Cost – the percentage of the item cost
• % Gross Margin – the percentage of the gross margin, this also adjust the markup price.
• Set Amount (default mode)
If you select any of the above options, the appropriate calculation will be done and the current selling price put into the ‘Markup’ price box.

4. ShopMate – Stock Details tab

5. ShopMate- Product Group tab

6. ShopMate – Sales tab

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