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ShopMate - Local Loyalty scheme

1. ShopMate – Local Loyalty scheme

1. ShopMate – Local Loyalty scheme

Customers can collect and redeem points by having their loyalty card scanned during a transaction. Customers can link to your ‘micro’ site and view offers, promotions and messages created by you. The site can also be branded to your own specification. For every £1 spent in store 1 point is awarded to the customer (This amount can be altered). The shop’s micro site can be accessed by any smart phone, tablet or computer. After joining the loyalty scheme, shops will be provided with loyalty cards with QR codes on them to give out to customers. The first time this is scanned the customer will need to register their details. A text message will be sent to those who register with a mobile number. For customers who do not have a mobile phone an address is printed on the loyalty card.
Local Loyalty scheme (optional extra)

When the customer is registered a new window will appear, this will ask if the new loyalty member wishes to use the account for the current transaction, you can press Yes or No. To use the loyalty card, scan items as normal then scan the customer’s loyalty card. This must be done before the transaction is completed. An alert will appear before finishing a transaction asking if the customer’s loyalty card has been scanned. When the loyalty card is scanned a new window will open with the customer loyalty number, name and current loyalty balance.