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ShopMate - How to start

ShopMate – How to start

The hardware you have had installed in your shop comprises of:
• Flytech POS325 or Toshiba A10/20 touch screen till unit or equivalent.
• Receipt printer.
• Customer display.
• Scanner (whichever scanner you have selected).
• Cash drawer.
• Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) (Battery if you have chosen one).
• Laser Printer. • Hand held scanner (if you have chosen to have one).
• Back office PC (if you have chosen to have one).
• Chip and pin unit (if you have chosen one).
Each serving station is powered by a single normal power socket. (Some scanners require their own power supply which increases the number of sockets to two). As part of the initial installation, TRDP has supplied a ‘surge protection’ adaptor (the UPS battery). This protects the hardware from sudden and damaging ‘spikes’ in the power supply. We cannot guarantee that the UPS will protect the hardware against all power surges, but it is important that it is always in place between the till system and the mains socket.

When the power button is pressed it will take a few minutes for the whole system to ‘power up’. As the software loads, you will see a number of different (largely incomprehensible) screens scrolling through. The Retail Data Partnership Logo will appear on the screen before the ShopMate program begins to load.

An important feature of ShopMate is that we are able to communicate with ShopMate in your shop to update product/price files, to upgrade software, and to rectify problems. We do this remotely, and we generally do it when the shop is closed. However, we can only do it whilst the system is switched on! So, it is important to leave the system switched on all the time. Leaving it switched on does not cause any damage to the hardware, and because the till uses the latest technology, it uses very little power – much less than a refrigerator.

Connection to TRDP
This is by a broadband connection in your shop. This should be in place before we install the system so that the engineer can set our system to communicate with our servers using your broadband connection.

Information Hot Key
This is on the front screen of the till and gives technical information about the system and the environment in which it operates. For example, if you are looking at the Connection Information, you will be able to see if it is connected to the router and the internet.

Receipt paper
The system does not use much paper in the course of normal trading. Most good stationery shops can supply this paper (You need to ask for 80mm thermal till rolls) or you can order them from: Mr Smyth, Talpa Office Products, 2nd Floor, 5 Princes Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5HL Telephone 01749 330683 email

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