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ShopMate - Reports

1. ShopMate – Generating a report 2. ShopMate – Product comparison 3. ShopMate – Saving reports

1. ShopMate – Generating a report

Reports available:
Sales Report Menu
• Account Balance – Summary of Account Balance
• Accounts – Find Account Transactions
• Account Statement – Shows the Accounts Transactions and Balance
• Alcohol Pre-Sales – Scottish Alcohol stock report of illegal priced/missing info products.
• Alcohol Post-Sales – Scottish Alcohol after sales report.
• Daily Category Sales – Category Sales by Day for a Week
• Epay Coupons – Sales of any Epay coupons
• Epay Reconciliation – Reconciliation of epay Transactions against till records
• Family Shopper Non Tob Fin Sum – Summary of Sales
• Family Shopper Voucher – Details of transaction with £2 off voucher
• Financial Summary – Summary of Sales
• Footfall – Total number of transactions over a period of time
• Footfall by day – Number of transactions by day
• i-movo Vouchers i – movo voucher report
• Lottery – Summary of Lottery Sales and Payouts
• Lottery Offers – Details of Loyalty Offers triggered
• PayPoint Sales – Details of PayPoint related sales
• Pet Financial Summary – Summary of Sales
• Post Office – Sales of Post Office products.
• Price Embedded – Stock Price Embedded Stock
• Product Comparison – Compare Product Sales with graphs
• Product Sales History – View selected barcodes sales history
• Promotions Sold – Details of Promotions triggered • Sales Sales grouped by Category
• Summary of PayPoint Sales – PayPoint Summary
• Top/Slow Sellers – Top/Slow Selling Products
• User Sales Grid – Summary of User Sales
• Weekly Sales – Sales for last 10 weeks

Stock Report Menu
• Bunkered Fuel – Shows any transactions that are bunkered fuel.
• Delisted Stock – List of delisted stock.
• Fuel Deliveries – Details the deliveries for fuel movement.
• Goods In – Report showing Goods In for selected period
• Price Changes & New Products – Price Changes & New Products
• Price Margin – Find Products selling below RRP etc
• Pricing – Pricing of All Stock Products
• Re-Order – List of Items needed to be ordered
• Stock – Stock Levels grouped by Category
• Stock Adjustment – Details of changes in stock levels
• Stock Summary – Show a Stock Report Summary by Category
• Stock Take Discrepancy – Show Discrepancies in Stock after Stock Take
• Stock Transfer – Shows any stock transfers.
• Tobacco Price List – List of tobacco items in stock with barcodes and price

Miscellaneous Report Menu
• Age Check – Details of Age Check
• Alterations – Sales changed by Voids, Refunds, Discounts, or No Sales
• Cash Lifts – Details of till Cash Lifts
• Current Promotions – Show the Promotions that currently apply, or will apply
• Float Changes – List of changes to the float
• Payouts – Details of till pay-outs
• Supplier Payouts – Details of till payouts to suppliers
• Top Profit – Top Profit
• Transaction Finder – Find Transactions based on supplied Criteria
• User Sessions – A list of login/logout and Session times of users

Product Group Reports Menu
• Product Grouping Sales, Re-Order, Stock – Three reports covering Product grouping

Important things to remember about the calendar:
It is possible to select date ranges for which no data exists on the till, i.e. from before the till was installed. This will result in empty reports. If you select a large date range the report can take a long time to generate. A rough guide seems to be:
• 1 day report – 2 – 3 seconds
• 1 week report – 5 -10 seconds
• 1 month report – 20 – 30 seconds
• 1 year report – approx. 5 minutes
These are rough estimates, as reports have of different complexities, and can take a varying amount of time to compute, even for similar date ranges. The start date must be before the end date, otherwise the Generate Report button is disabled. If when setting a date, the start date is already set correctly, you can use the ‘Switch’ button to go straight to setting the end date without having to re-set the start date.

2. ShopMate – Product comparison

The Product Comparison List is a list of up to 25 products that can be grouped together for reporting by the Product Comparison report. This compares the sales of products in the list in the form of either a bar chart or line chart of sales over time. You can select bar chart or line chart in the Options tab when the Product Comparison report has been selected.

3. ShopMate – Saving reports

You have the ability to use a flash drive on a till, the flash drive will need to be formatted into either a FAT/FAT32.

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