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ShopMate - Administrative Functions

1. ShopMate – Category Management 2. ShopMate – Wholesaler Details 3. ShopMate – Accounts
4. ShopMate – Training Mode

1. ShopMate – Category Management

As part of our service to customers, TRDP categorises products into our standard categories. We have tried to identify and name categories that will fit in with the ways in which most wholesalers and retailers view their products. We are aware, however, that there is no such thing as a ‘typical retailer’, which means that some retailers will want to establish their own categories. With the ShopMate system, you can choose to assign products to your own designated categories rather than use the default TRDP categories. If you decide to use this option, all of your stock will need to be categorised into your own categories, otherwise you might have some difficulties with your reports

2. ShopMate – Wholesaler Details

Edit Details: will let you change the details of the account holder address and contact information.

Alter Balance: lets you change the balance on the account. Select Alter Balance and a text input box will appear, add the new balance (in pence) and then select OK.

Switch Billing lets you switch the billing type for either Invoice. Statement or In Person.

View Interim Report: show you a report of transactions from the beginning of the current month.

View Report: shows you a full report of transactions and balance changes with the account from the previous month.

Set Credit Limit: you can create a credit limit on a customers’ account to prevent them going over the specified limit. You can do this by going to Other Functions, Administration, Account Administration and then Find Account. Search for the account that you want the credit limit on and select Pick. On the right side, in-between View Report and Delete Account is Set Credit Limit, select Set Credit Limit and enter an amount and select OK. The credit will be added to the Account Credit Limit. This also can be done for new accounts.

Delete Account: will delete the account.

You can print a summary of the last 12 transactions on an account, which covers purchases by the account holder and payments into the account. This can be printed on the receipt printer at any time. ShopMate also generates a monthly account statement on each account that will list account transactions and account payments over the past month. It can be printed on the laser printer at any stage during the month following the month of the report.

When you have done an transaction on the receipt will show the prior and current balance for that account.

3. ShopMate – Accounts

ShopMate lets you have the ability to set-up a payment system for your customers so that they are able to pay you at a later date or use any balance that is in credit to buy products.

4. ShopMate – Training Mode

When you have a new employee, it is best for them to start learning how to use ShopMate via training mode. In training mode, a user is unable to do any real transactions such as chip and pin, vouchers and loyalty transaction, this is to prevent any discrepancies on reports or stock.

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