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Take control of your stores

Having multiple stores doesn’t mean it should be complicated to keep on top of products and pricing. Head Office gives you central access to all your tills and makes managing products, prices and promotions across all your shops easier and more efficient.


Did you know? Head Office allows you to manage products, pricing and view reports across all of your stores remotely from anywhere.

The average retailer spends over 10 hours a week on BackOffice. If you own multiple stores, Head Office can save you time and money.

Want to charge more for a product in some stores than others? Head Office allows you to group together stores, giving them their own unique pricing tiers and promotions.

With Head Office, you can make updates to the products, pricing and promotions in any and all of your stores from wherever you are. You can even use the till messaging system to communicate to your shops.

Head Office features its own suite of real-time reports. Use these reports to better understand your stores and to fine-tune your pricing and promotions to get the most out of ShopMate.

Setting up Head Office is quick and easy. Just call us on 01780 480 562 today to express your interest.

Our Technical Support team will assist you with your Head Office set up step by step.

If you have any questions about Head Office email our tema at office@retaildata.co.uk

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Only £5.75 per week, per store – £400 set up

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