Become a Brick & Click business today

TRDP is pleased to be able to offer stores the opportunity to get online to provide for those who prefer to have home deliveries or click and collect.

Customers simply download the basket app and search for your store. They place their order and pay securely via the app. They can select a delivery slot or opt for click and collect.

Your store can change the settings of the delivery times and the charges for delivery. When a sale is processed, you receive notification through the app and through the till and can process the order from the business app or through an online portal. All sales are logged through ShopMate for easy accounting and stock accountability. We also offer a driver app to make it easy for your driver to deliver efficiently and easily. The driver app incorporates Challenge 25.


What features and benefits does Basket offer?

We will help you get set up – you scan the items you wish to sell and we will upload them and source images for you.


Customisable: You set store opening times, processing times and the times you want to offer deliveries or collection.


You tell your customers about the new way to shop when they visit your store. All the payments are taken securely through the app. That means efficiency for you and reassurance for your customers. The store gets notifications to the app and the till so your team can process the order. You can also use our web portal to see your orders.
Your driver gets all the information they need from an optional driver app. The app reminds them of Challenge25 when appropriate. You give your customer a printed receipt, it can even have your logo on it so your customers remember where to shop next time. The app is integrated with ShopMate so your reports will include Basket sales for easy accounting and monitoring of stock levels. Average transaction value is £21.63 so every order is worth taking and it can really make a positive change to the store takings. We’re with you all the way. No hidden costs, just £250 to set up and 3% per transaction (usual bank transaction charges apply).

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We’re here to help get your home delivery / click & collect solution up and running. Just call us on 01780 480 562 or email


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Basket cost?
It costs £250 to sign up with Basket. Basket will charge 3% per transaction plus 0.17p and 1.4% for bank charges on card payment.

How long will it take to get started?
From your first enquiry, it normally takes 7-days to sign you up, add your products, set up banking and get everything ready. You choose which products you want to sell online, and we import all the product details and images.

How quickly will I get paid for completed/delivered orders?

Funds will be settled directly on the standard card processing terms of day-3.

How do I manage my Basket store?
You will receive access to a Basket business app or you can use their online portal. From here you can make adjustments to your store settings like the area you will deliver to and when you’re happy to make deliveries.

How do I manage Deliveries?

We offer a separate Basket Driver App to help your driver plan route and handle Challenge25.

Can I pick whether I offer Click & Collect, Delivery or Both?
Yes! Basket is designed to be flexible for you and your customers.

Does Basket work on all platforms, phones, tablets, PC’s

Yes, Basket is available for everyone including iOS, Android and Web platforms so it will suit all your customers.

Can I set my own delivery charge or minimum order requirement?

Yes, you can set a flat delivery fee or a minimum order requirement for any Basket order through the business app or on the web portal.

Can I edit the 500 products listed on my site and add additional items?
Absolutely, the initial 500 products are loaded to get you started with minimal work. You can add or remove products from this list at any time. You can even add your own customised products specific to your store like local produce that you know your customers love.


Get started Now

We’re here to help get your home delivery / click & collect solution up and running. Just call us on 01780 480 562 or email