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Access your till from anywhere with BackOffice

You can’t be everywhere at once but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be in control of your EPoS system. Our Back Office service allows you to connect to your ShopMate tills from anywhere. Whether you’re in the Cash Office, Home Office or even abroad, BackOffice will give you access to your till reports and management functions with just an internet connection.

For just £1.00 a week and a small set up fee, we’ll get you installed and provide instant access to your normal till functions. Unlike many BackOffice systems, updates to ShopMate are delivered instantly with no disruption to your normal till users, giving you complete convenient control.

How can Back Office help me and my stores?

Up-to-date Reports
Back Office gives you remote access to all your reports so you can keep up to date and manage your store from anywhere

Price Management
Back Office will give you 24/7 access to your prices do you can manage pricing accordingly, printing SEL’s from your computer

Manage Promotions
You can create and manage promotions on the go, see how well they’ve done in real time reports and tweak them from anywhere

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Only £1 per week – £25 set up

If you’d like to find out more about Back Office and get signed up, just complete the enquiry form below or call 01780 480 562

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