With £4.6bn solid in the UK< almost twice the size of the Carbonated Soft Drinks, Wine sales saw positive growth of 5% in 2015, as shoppers continue to do more of their shop in smaller stores

July 13, 2016
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World Wine is on the Rise in Convenience

With £4.6bn sold in the UK almost twice the size of the Carbonated Soft Drinks, World Wine sales saw positive growth of 5% in 2015, as shoppers continue to do more of their shop in smaller stores. The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) have discovered new bestselling wines for your store, and have uncovered insights to help cross-sell and merchandise your wine to drive sales and increase your daily footfall.

60% of global consumers prefer to buy new products from a familiar brand rather than switch to a new brand’, (Nielsen – Press Room 2013).

This is because consumers prefer to buy brands they recognise and know tastes good. It’s therefore important that you stock wine that is advertised throughout the media to ensure maximum sales potential.

South American wine company Concha y Tor (CyT) is driving awareness of number one brands through sponsorship and media across 2016. The UK’s number one Cabernet Sauvignon, Casillero del Diablo, is on TV and partnered with Sky Movies. The country’s top Pinot Noir Cono Sur, continues its sponsorship of Le Tour de France, and the number on Malbec – Trivento Reserve sponsors AVIVA Premiership Rugby’, (Convenience Store, 2015).

Last month, Morgenrot launched Incienso Malbec of 2016 (13.5% Abv) which was crafted by well-known winemaker David Ekkert.

the Malbec grape is enjoying a real boom right now in the off-trade so we’re delighted to be strengthening our portfolio with this high-quality Incienso wine, which with a list price of of £5.90 a bottle provides unbelievable value for the grape variety. We’re certain it’ll be a popular choice for many retailers’,(Wine News Review, 2015).

How to maximise Sales

Cross-sell your wine with meal-for-two offers.
Have mix and match 3 for the price of 2 promotions
This will meet the demands of the busy shopper who prefers to spend most of their evenings and weekends winding down on the sofa with a hearty meal and a bottle of wine.

In August 2015, Australian Vintage launched their own version of sparkling wine called McGuigan Frizzante.

According to Julian Dyer, general manager of Australian Vintage.

sparkling wine has proven itself to be a non-seasonal, yeur-round favourite drink amongst consumers’, (Convenience Store, 2015).

The sparkling wine market has been growth year on year which has led to wider varieties of sparkling wine products such as Premier Estates Extra Dry Prosecco. This will prompt your customers to look at alternative fizzy wines on the shelf!

‘The interest in Prosecco shows a general consumer move to lighter and fruitier wine styles, which is also reflected in still wine. The interest in lighter styles continue to drive sales of Rose Wines, as sales grew by 35%, (Convenience Store, 2015).

Best ways to merchandise to increase sales potential:

Place a select few branded wines next to Cheese, Crackers and Chutney. Pairing food with wine will show customers what goes best with the bitter-sweet taste of Vino.
According to Fran Draper, brand manager at alcohol-free wine brand Eisberg,

sitting wine next to their food partners can help grow sales’ (Convenience Store, 2015).

There are so many possibilities with world wines when it comes to selling, merchandising and promotion. And with it being a market that has maximum potential for growth, it can be sure to drive sales and increase your daily footfall.

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