You're becoming more adept at managing your store's social media - but you're not getting the feedback you'd hoped for. What can you do to take it to the next level?

April 1, 2021
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Winning the big race in Social Media

If you’ve been following our social media series you will surely have set up your social media page started to schedule your posts so that your customers see a regular post – a minimum of once per week and a maximum of once per day.

You will also have begun to follow a range of new people and companies and your page is beginning to have a bit of life. Or perhaps it isn’t. Perhaps you’ve still only got 80 likes, and despite asking how people like their coffee in the morning, no one has replied except your Mum.

First of all, don’t give up – it takes a long time to get a decent-sized following on Facebook and you need to persevere. It’s worth noting that Facebook doesn’t show all your posts to all your followers. It’s a busy platform and if most people follow several brands, they’d be bombarded if they saw a post form all of them each time they logged in.  Facebook also has algorithms that give extra weighting to popular pages. So that means your store is currently at the bottom of the pile. To get popular you’ll need followers and to get followers you have to be posting for longer than three weeks.

So what can you do in the meantime?

Online you can make your presence known. In your local groups ask the Admin if you can let people know about your page – don’t post too often, this is known as spamming and might get you removed from the group. As your page, comment on local updates and share for other businesses. Make positive comments and compliment businesses, products and services. Comments will be spotted by the original poster and by anyone else who is commenting. These will be local people – so by sharing and taking an interest in people and businesses nearby, you are raising your visibility.

Remember to keep it positive – you can’t afford to lose your temper online; you’ll undo all your hard work. Your presence online is designed to portray a friendly and happy store and even if there has been a hole in the pavement outside the store for 6 months and no one from the council has answered your emails, Facebook isn’t the place to rant about it.

Offline, you can keep promoting your page. Tell your customers you’re there! Get the team telling your customers that “we’ve got a Facebook page – follow us for offers and updates”. Get some staff T-shirts made up – give them a badge, print some posters.

Ask your friends and staff to support you – share your page to everyone in your “friends panel” – especially local people – there’s not much point in sharing with uncle Vic in Florida unless he has plenty of friends still in Clapham! Ask them to share your page so that local people can see it. Ask them to like and comment on your posts – it’ll make you look more popular and people are more likely to comment if they see other people doing it.

Finally, thank your Mum for her support – everyone needs a champion like her!


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