We want to let you know what we're ready to deal with during emergency hours so that you can be confident when contacting us that your issue will be resolved.

March 17, 2021
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What to expect from our Emergency Support service

We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you up-and-running whatever happens. Our UK based team of ShopMate experts are available to help you with any issue you may have with one of our products. They’re also ready to guide you through any usage queries you may have.

Outside 9:00 – 5:00 Mon-Fri hours, our emergency team can be overwhelmed if people telephone in about non-emergency issues (as set out below.) This means that if a retailer who does have an emergency tries to get help, they may be delayed in getting help because the emergency team is already fully occupied. So could we encourage you to think: “Could this wait until the morning?” before you pick up the phone during the emergency hours period?

Emergency Issues

The urgent issues that we’re happy to deal with during normal hours and with emergency support.

  • Till Crashes
  • Failed Orders
  • Pricing/Promotions
  • Barcode Scanner Issues
  • Chip and Pin Errors
  • PPOS Crashes
  • Tobacco Vending Errors
  • Fuel Issues
  • Network Issues
  • Receipt printer / Cash drawer
  • MediaMaster Ad Screens

General Issues

The issues that won’t substantially affect your ability to trade that we can deal with during normal hours.

  • Set up new equipment
  • Hotkeys
  • Report Queries
  • Sales Enquiries
  • SEL Queries
  • A4 printer
  • BackOffice
  • HeadOffice

Our Support Hours

During these hours, you can reach us on 01780 480 562 or by using the Callback functionality on your till
Monday – Friday – 9am to 5pm Normal Support / 7am to 10pm Emergency Support
Saturday – 7am to 10pm Emergency Support Only
Sunday – 7am – 6pm Emergency Support Only

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