We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Burtons Biscuits to offer an exciting coupon opportunity for all of our customers.

September 13, 2019
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Upcoming TRDP Coupon Campaign - Burtons Biscuits

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Burtons Biscuits to offer an exciting coupon opportunity for all of our customers.

How does it work?

Step 1:
A customer purchases ANY FOX’s Product from your store during the campaign period
Step 2:
A coupon for 20p off Jammie Dodgers, Galaxy Cookies, M&M Cookies and Twix Soft Centres is automatically printed by your receipt printer
Step 3:
Scan the eligible products into the transaction then scan the coupon. If the coupon is approved the discount will be automatically applied.

You don’t have the keep the coupon, just wait for your bank account to be credited with the money.

ShopMate will automatically validate each coupon and you will be repaid for the discount each Friday during the campaign. Coupons will print from 25/09/2019 and will be valid for 7 days. They will cease to print when the campaign ends or when all coupons have been printed.

Eligible Stores

Coupons will only be printed in stores that have sold any of the promoted products (see below) in the three days prior to the campaign.

Eligible Products

0072417170607 – Jammie Dodgers 140g 89p PMP 0072417143700 – Jammie Dodgers 140g
5060402905827 – Galaxy Cookies 144g £1.49 PMP 5060402904776 – Galaxy Cookies 180g
5060402905803 – M&M Cookies 144g £1.49 PMP 5060402904738 – M&M Cookies 180g
5060402907586 – Twix Soft Centres 144g £1.49 PMP 5060402906459 – Twix Soft Centres 144g

How do you benefit?

No cost, you’ll even make moneyThere’s no charge to participate in these TRDP/In-Touch Coupon campaigns. What’s more, you’ll receive a payment of 1p for every coupon printed and another penny for every coupon redeemed. In addition, you will receive the full value for each redemption, so there’s no margin loss for you, unlike many other types of promotion.

No paperwork, guaranteed settlement

Coupon validity is checked automatically by ShopMate and i-movo at the point of sale before a discount is applied. If the coupon is successfully redeemed and discount applied, then settlement is guaranteed. There is no need for you to keep and send off coupons to get your money

Not Interested?

Opting out is easy, just contact our team on 01780 480 562 and we will remove you will be removed.

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