The Summer months are cautiously approaching -whilst Summer 2020 was spent at home, 2021 feels like it might be spent outside – this time with friends and family.

May 27, 2021
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Summer Madness

Summer Madness

The Summer months are cautiously approaching – dare I say it, the sun put in an appearance while I was writing this article! Whilst Summer 2020 was spent at home, 2021 feels like it might be spent outside – this time with friends and family. Because of travel restrictions, we’re visiting our own tourist locations, so seaside resorts, campsites and holiday cottages look to be as full as ever.

We compared sales from 2019 with 2020 to get an idea of a typical pre-pandemic Summer as well as what happened last year.

We likely spent our money on family barbeques rather than parties – and when we spot good weather coming in the afternoon, we nip out to get essentials from our local store. All these typical BBQ products benefitted from higher sales. This year, with reduced international travel we expect the summer barbeque and pizza oven shopping to be as big.

The top lagers in 2020 are shown in the table. Overall, the rate of sale for all lagers in 2019 was £9,578.74 and in 2020 was £13,678.83. The Rate of Sale figures has been calculated as total sales value over the summer divided by stores stocking these items.

The top Red wine products for 2020 are shown below. The average price of red wine has increased, in 2019, the average price was £6.14 and in 2020 it was £6.56.

So now all we need is for the weather to warm up a little so we can all enjoy ourselves in the garden!

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