Alcohol sales in independent c-stores bounced back by 5% in February following a January depression

March 20, 2019
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Some Spirits were in good spirit in February

Alcohol sales in independent c-stores bounced back by 5% in February following a January depression, with RTD/High Strength Premixes being the winning sub-category (+10.8% vs January) and Sprits seeing the slowest growth (+1.9% vs January.) Within the Spirits category, Gin growth exceeded the best performing RTD/High Strength by growing at +11.9% vs January. Rum (+7.6%) was the 2nd best performing spirit and Cognac (+6.3%) was the 3rd.

In the Spirits category, GLEN’S VODKA 37.5% 350ML NRB PMP 729 featured in baskets most frequently but SMIRNOFF RED LABEL VODKA 37.5% 700ML NRB PMP 1449 recorded the highest value sales.

GORDON’S LONDON DRY GIN 37.5% 700ML NRB PMP 1449 was the best-selling gin SKU, CAPTAIN MORGAN ORIGINAL SPICED GOLD RUM 35% 700ML NRB PMP 1449 – the best-selling rum, and COURVOISIER VS COGNAC 40% 700ML NRB – the best-selling cognac.

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