How important to your business are customers that need Gas meter top-ups?

July 12, 2019
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Smart meters - Turbulence expected in convenience payments

How important to your business are customers that need Gas meter top-ups? If they are important to your business, you need to be aware of some significant recent developments, and some longer-term ones.

The most recent development, as you may have seen from PayPoint announcements, is that the British Gas contract for top-up meters will no longer be served by PayPoint.

The longer term issue is that there is a 2020 deadline by which all meters are supposed to be smart meters. Different utility companies may make different arrangements to serve their energy customers through convenience stores, and it is not yet clear who will be offering which services.

For you, the retailer, the message is: “Avoid entering into any long-term contracts that might bind you into a relationship that might cut off your ability to service British Gas or other utility providers.”

What is The Retail Data Partnership doing to support convenience stores in this changing environment?

We are working to ensure that we either offer an integrated solution to these utility partners or will set up relevant hotkeys on your ShopMate EPoS system to ensure that your reporting is accurate.

Our team is keeping a close eye on contract and tender announcements from the UK’s largest utility companies, including EON, Scottish Power, British Gas, and more. When a statement is made, we will inform you of the new payment provider and allow you to make an informed decision.

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