Ayton Mini Market released their own Christmas Ad this year, starring two year old Lincoln Norris.

December 15, 2020
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Shopkeepers are getting younger this Christmas!

Knowing the way that we all look forward to seeing the new Christmas advert from department stores and supermarkets, our friends at Ayton Mini Market released a Christmas advert themselves this year that has taken the media by storm. The advert features little Lincoln Norris, aged 2, while he plays shopkeeper in the store in Ayton, Berwickshire.

Mum, Lisa Norris, who works part time at the store, filmed the toddler on a visit to see his Grandmother Linda Hall, and her husband Darren Hall, store owners. Lisa did all the editing herself and they released the video on the store’s Facebook page. Linda said “Lincoln always plays like this when he comes to the store, he’s a bright young lad. His mum just filmed him while he played and cleverly edited it at home.”

Since then, little Lincoln has found fame through the video going viral and the store have had an overwhelmingly positive response from their customers, with people describing the ad as “Better than John Lewis”. The advert has been featured in the national media, ITV News, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express and the Scotsman. Local news outlets have also run features on the adorable ad.

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