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March 2, 2020
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New Product Hot Picks - Week 1 - March 2020

To help you choose the best new products to sell in your store, we’ve selected three hot picks from newly released products and recommend them based on their healthy rate of sale.

Fanta Raspberry Zero

Fanta has of late been releasing popular flavours from other regions into UK stores. The first being Grape (popular in the United States) in 2019 and now Raspberry (popular in Australia). It’s already made a big splash in the media, with the Mirror reporting on its great taste. It’s even being touted as the next big Gin mixer…adding a symbiotic sales opportunity. At a weekly rate of sale (ROS) of 128 per store, this product is a no-brainer!

New Product Fanta Raspberry Zero

Cadbury Twirl Orange

It’s no secret how popular Twirl Orange has been with mass shortages reported in the press last year. It was even branded a myth by some. If you can find it in your wholesaler, you can enjoy a weekly rate of sale of 40 with a potential maximum rate of sale of 80!

New Product Cadbury Twirl Orange

Barnstormer Dry Black Cider

High strength cider doesn’t have many friends in government, especially since the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland and now Wales. That doesn’t mean it’s not popular with consumers, however. At its non-MUP price point, it commands a respectable weekly ROS of 28, maxing out at 32. With the warmer weather coming, keeping this in your chiller could be an easy win. Do bear in mind that if you’re in Scotland or Wales, MUP may have a significant impact on the sales of this product.

New Product Barnstormer Dry Black Cider

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