September 2019 presented some new products with true star performer qualities in independent c-stores.

October 30, 2019
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C-store new product winners

In September, the retail industry celebrated Product Launch of the Year, part of EMAP Publishing’s Retail Industry Awards. In spite of all the merits of the winning products, not all ten winners reached independent convenience stores and not all of those that did captured c-store shoppers’ attention. For example, Yazoo Chocolate Mint 400ml which launched in c-stores in March 2018 was outperformed by the brand’s own innovation, a new – chocolate caramel – flavour in 2019 by all measures – sales, distribution and rate of sale.

September has also presented some new products with true star performer qualities in independent c-stores. Cadbury Twirl Orange Chocolate Bar achieved 42% outlet distribution and the highest confectionery NPD weekly unit rate of sale of 71 in just five weeks since its first sale was registered on 23rd September 2019. No wonder that independent retailers were scouring cash & carry’s in search of rare stock as reported in the press.

Barnstormer Black Dry Cider 7.5% ABV 500ml Can by Malt House Vintner relaunch stormed the cider category. Not only did it record an average RoS of 28 units. Not only did it sell over 29,000 cans across 333 TRDP shops since the first sale on 20th September, but it also overtook the new Omega White Cider 7.5% 500ml can which has been the fastest moving new cider SKU in independent c-stores this year.

In Northern Ireland, Boost Energy Cola 250ml price marked can was sold on average 18 times each week since its launch at the start of September. This makes it a best-selling branded energy drink product in c-stores this month. Independent retailers in England, Scotland and Wales can only envy their Northern Ireland colleagues as the product is NI exclusive.


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