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December 4, 2019
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In Celebration of Cookies!

They’re flat. They’re round. They’re sweet. We are all about cookies here! Crafted from a range of spices, chocolates, nuts, and fruit, the cookie could perhaps be mankind’s greatest legacy. First created by the Persians (people, not the cats) back in the 7th century, humanity’s ultimate sweet treat has since taken the world by storm; not to mention Sesame Street…

And so, today is National Cookie Day. Coined in 1987 by Matt Nader of the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company, the concept came about as ‘something fun to do’. As if we needed an excuse to indulge in our cookie addiction. Pah! Either way, in celebration, here’s a few facts to digest while waiting on that next batch of macadamia nut to bake in the oven.

Top Ten Cookies!

Since conception, cookies now come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Being relatively simple to make, home-baked specimens are perhaps the most popular. However, with modern day food trends, which are the most common?  The top ten popular cookies, according to FoodNetwork, are:

1. Chocolate Chip.

2. Oreo.

3. Sugar.

4. Snickerdoodles.

5. M&M.

6. Chips Ahoy.

7. Peanut Butter.

8. Oatmeal.

9. Chocolate with white chips

10. Mint chocolate

Some of the highlights outwith the top 10 include: Maple Glazed Apple Crisp, Chili Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Avocado, and Chocolate Chip with Bacon.

Cookie Monster doesn’t actually eat cookies

We all know that furry, googly-eyed, blue monster who gobbles those cookies with utmost passion. What you don’t know is that the puppet has never actually touched a real cookie.

As the real thing is too greasy and therefore highly likely to stain the puppet’s coating, the monster eats a painted ricecake to keep up the illusion. Well, it is also better for the waistline…

Sorry to ruin your childhood illusions.

Chocolate Chip Legend

According to legend, chocolate chip cookies owe their popularity to Ruth Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Inn with her husband in the 1930s.

With the amount of passing trade enjoyed by the Toll House Inn, the couple soon had all manner of travellers purchasing the Chocolate Chip creations. It wasn’t long before word spread and copycat establishments had a go themselves.

Have you noticed that chocolate chips don’t melt? That’s because they are actually made with less cocoa butter than a regular chocolate bar.


Gingerbread has two reasons for existence, according to folklore.

The first urban legend involved the search for Mr.Right, where English women would eat gingerbread ‘husbands’ to improve their chances of finding a life-long partner.

The other source of origination is a little different, in that Her Majesty Elizabeth I of England ordered cookies to be baked in the shape of her important guests.


Cookies aren’t always small…

On May 17th 2003, the world’s largest chocolate chip cookie was revealed in North Carolina, courtesy of The Immaculate Baking company.

The giant baked treat was 30.7 meters in diameter and weighed 18 tons. That’s a third of the size of a football field, and the combined weight of 10 Range Rovers.

Once completed, none was wasted as the greatest ever cookie was broken up and sold to an eager crowd desperate for a chunk of this record-breaking snack.

For information on cookie sales in the UK, get in touch with our data team.

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