MediaMaster has been proven to boost sales and also provide a basis to make extra profit.

October 23, 2019
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Profit From MediaMaster

Promotions help drive sales. It’s no secret. For 20 years, we’ve kept our ShopMate EPoS up-to-date with the latest promotions from the UK’s largest wholesalers. MediaMaster is the direct result – an advertising service offered to users of ShopMate EPoS which displays a cycle of targeted adverts.

These adverts come from wholesalers, brands, and individual user’s own uploads – curated by our team for consistency and legality. Besides offering a fully managed service to take the hard work out of keeping screens updated with relevant adverts, MediaMaster provides an uplift in sales – all with free hardware, and service costs totalling £2 per week; regardless of how many screens you need.

What do you get for your £2 per week? How about a high-resolution, 15″ advertising screen which acts as an upgraded customer-facing display, and regular advert updates with a prior bulletin? Not to mention technical support from our expert, UK-based team.

MediaMaster – Make Extra Revenue!

MediaMaster also acts as your till roll, which keeps customers’ eyes on the supplied advertising. This has been proven to uplift sales and shift extra units of stock. Under trial in Wharfdale Premier, MediaMaster upped sales of Lucozade Original by 23%, and Lucozade Orange by 7%.

MediaMaster Testimony

There are other avenues to MediaMaster, too. Besides the benefits mentioned above, our system allows the opportunity to display further advertising to advance your profit margin.

Basically, you sell your own adverts!  We don’t take commission. Therefore, simply send us the art work, and we’ll handle the rest. So if you have a local nail bar, driving instructor, hairdresser, painter & decorator, MOT station, or gym wanting to promote themselves – you could sell them a slot on your screen for, say, £5/week. As such, the potential is there

MediaMaster – Supporting the Local Infrastructure

Alongside the potential for gaining cash via advertising revenue, MediaMaster can also complement your standing within the local community. One such example is from Matthew Sinclair, who offers free advertising space to local business owners in return for visiting his newsagents.

‘It’s my way of saying thank you to those who come into the shop on a daily basis’, he told us. ‘It’s all about supporting the local community’.

From displaying the Christmas Menu offered by the neighbourhood pub to showcasing an estate agent’s near-by rental properties, Matthew’s MediaMaster campaign therefore heightens the strength, benefit, and trust that tightly- knit communities offer.

Find Out More!

To learn more about the new ShopMate EPoS MediaMaster set-up, get in touch with us here.

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