The summer is over and Christmas and the New Year are on the way but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well this Autumn. Our insights can help!

October 17, 2016
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How to Make the most of Autumn

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Your Autumn Heroes
The summer is over and Christmas and the New Year are on
the way but that doesn’t mean you can’t do well this
Autumn.Did you know?
20% – increase in gas/electricity payments
136k – Average autumn turnover per store
10% – increase in confectionary turnover
During Autumn, gas and electricity payments make up 13%
of c-store sales as a result of a 20% increase in demand
compared to Summer. Approximately 95% of all bill
payments do not include other products in the transaction,
so it’s important to encourage sales with smart promotions,
a great range and in-store incentives such as a shopper
Loyalty Scheme.

Your Autumn Heroes

3 categories perform very well during the cold Autumn period. These are Confectionary, Hot Food and Stationary. Below we’ve broken down the best sellers in category with some helpful tips to maximise sales.

The cornerstone of many convenience stores, confectionary is one of the best performers during the colder Autumn months.

Best in class:
1. Kinder Surprise
2. Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate – PM £1.00
3. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – PM £1.00
4. Maltesers Treat Bag – PM £1.00
5. Wrigleys Extra Sugar Free Gum
6. Galaxy Caramel – PM £1.00
7. Cadbury’s Giant Buttons – PM £1.00
8. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel – PM £1.00
9. Maltesers Teasers Bar – PM £1.00
10. Cadbury Dariy Milk Oreo -pm £1.00

Top Tip:
Take advantage of price marks. Price marked packs are often
priced competitively and increase consumer trust, making
shoppers much more likely to buy. 8 out of 10 of our best in
class are price-marked.

ot Food/Drink
Hot Food/Drink

Hot food and drinks to go have seen a
renaissance in convenience in the last few
years. This Autumn will be no di_erent with
sales expected to increase by 9% compared
to summer.

Best in class:
1. Hot Coffee – Regular
2. Hot Sausage Rolls
3. Hot Dog
4. Hot Coffee – Large
5. Hot Country Choice Steak Bake

Top Tip:
Keep wastage low. You want to keep your hot food cabinet
stocked throughout the day but this may lead to unnecessary
wastage. Keep track of sales to pinpoint your typical hot food
selling periods and focus on remaining stocked through these
hours, then just wind down remaining stock throughout
the rest of the day with promotions.

In the run up to Christmas you’ll see more demand for stationary. With more and more pound zones appearing in convenience shoppers are looking to c-stores for their stationary instead of the supermarket.

Best in class:
1. 2nd Class Stamps – x12
2. 1st Class Stamps – x 6
3. 1st Class Stamps x 12
4. White Tac
5. Gift Wrap – 2 Sheets & 2 Tags

Top Tip:
Be smart about your card range. With so many occasions each
year, your card stand can grow to an alarming size. Why not
focus on the key occasions and use the space saved on
complimentary products, such as gift wraps.

me from?
Where does out data come from?
Our sales data is polled from our growing estate of over
3,600 EPoS systems in 2,500 c-stores throughout the UK.
Stores of all shapes, sizes and symbol groups contribute
toward this data to ensure that it is as representative
as possible.
Did you know?

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