We are always innovating to ensure our systems are efficient and reliable. These recent developments show we take pride in ensuring our innovation has real meaning for the stores we serve.

May 28, 2021
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Commercial Innovations to Help Stores

We are always innovating to ensure our systems are efficient and reliable. Key to deciding what functions and facilities we invest in is the knowledge that it will prove to help stores maximise on the opportunities around them. Whether it’s a new facility to make your administration easier or a way to help you to find new ways to market, our priority is to create systems that increase your profits.


MediaMaster screens display adverts to the customer at the till point. They are established in over 700 stores – with well over 1000 live screens. Introduced in June 2019, the screens have proven to be a huge success with store owners, who are impressed by their ability to improve sales of promotional items with measurable results. Retailers don’t have to create their own adverts as the adverts are generated centrally for each fascia brand. This makes them exceptionally convenient for all stores. Find out more here.


Basket allows stores to offer their services online. Throughout the pandemic, stores have been able to serve their communities with home deliveries and click and collect. The service allows stores to upload 500 products of their choice, with imagery and descriptions supplied, and accept online payments. It’s not just for the pandemic though, studies show that 77% of the UK is now shopping for some of their groceries online. Basket takes the hassle out of getting all your products listed and available for your customers to select. Find out more here.

COMING SOON: Online Reporting

ShopMate has been reliably serving stores since 1997. It serves as till, stock management, ordering facility, promotions tracker, pricing system and reporting platform. It makes light work of so many functions that in the past, shop keepers had to carry out manually, saving time and money. Now, shopkeepers want to keep track of their stores remotely so we’re working on online reporting – meaning that your store’s stats are available to you wherever you are. This helps owners of multiple stores to keep on track with all their stores at once and means you have your finger on the pulse at all times.

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