I truly believe that they have embodied the company's commitment to helping our customers to flourish – even in difficult times.

July 27, 2020
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Five ways we've supported you throughout lockdown

Did you know, the COVID-19 lockdown caused convenience store turnover to rise by as much as 100% in some stores using the ShopMate system? (40% on average) That fantastic performance was hard-won by retailers like you. We wanted to look back on the last four months, and let you know how The Retail Data Partnership adapted to help you flourish throughout this time. We also wanted to do this to highlight the immense determination showed by our team and say THANK YOU to them.

Technical Support

Day-to-day, keeping you up and running is our top priority. That’s why we care deeply about our technical support team’s ability to deliver the quality service that is expected of us. To help them help you, we took a variety of measures including working from home, hygiene dividers and spreading the department further across the office. This way, they could maintain a high level of commitment to our customers in a safe, socially distant environment.

Most of our agents have been working remotely since lockdown started on 23rd March. Configuring the phone system for remote working has allowed us to continue supporting our customers, with the team dealing with over 11,000 calls during the lockdown period. We’ve now started slowly reintroducing members of the team back into the office, albeit far more spread out than previously.

Phill Coverley – Technical Support Manager

Customer Services

If you’re a customer of ours, you’ve spoken to a member of our customer services team. Whether it’s been an account enquiry or part of your setup, they have been there for you. We wanted to ensure that our customer services team were consistently available throughout the lockdown. So our customer support team, just like technical support, were supplied the tools they needed to work from home, and our telephone systems were updated to allow calls to be routed seamlessly. This, coupled with their adaptability, meant that you could still reach us as usual and receive the same, excellent service that we strive to deliver.

All members of the Customer Service team have worked out of hours on occasion in order to continue with the help we give to customers that were struggling. 99 new customer orders have been processed since the start of lockdown and many more have upgraded their till systems. Customer Service remained dedicated and focused whether working from home or in the office

Kate Higginson – Customer Services Manager

Store Installations & Hardware Support

We’ve always prided ourselves on our remote support, but sometimes you have to be there! Social distancing did provide a unique challenge for our installations team to overcome. Luckily, careful planning, early mornings and determination ensured that we could continue to be on-site with customers with minimal risk. Our engineers visited 136 sites throughout lockdown, installing new customers and keeping our existing ones up and running during this pivotal time.

Basket Home Delivery

Home delivery is nothing new, but recent events have made it an essential part of the convenience offering. We wanted to ensure that you had a simple way of offering home delivery to your customers to help them get through lockdown. We partnered with Basket, a new and growing home delivery service that is focused on making home delivery simple for both retailers and customers. We’re about to launch our full integration with Basket for ShopMate EPoS; you can find out more here.

Helping Customers Flourish

Despite the uncertainty, the lockdown has proved a profitable time for grocery retail, especially the convenience sector. This amazing performance was well earned by all in the industry, who stepped up to provide an essential service at such a pivotal time. We are thrilled that we have been privileged enough to support over 3,000 convenience stores in navigating, and better yet, flourishing in this challenging time.

I’ve been immensely grateful for the way that our staff have handled the disruption of the pandemic, some of them having to cope with really difficult circumstances, working from home and having to manage young families at the same time. I’ve been humbled by their dedication and commitment. I truly believe that they have embodied the company’s commitment to helping our customers to flourish – even in difficult times.

Stephen Burnett – Managing Director

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