Check out our Top 10 selling lines below and compare your pricing to get the most out of your range.

December 7, 2017
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Conquer Christmas with our Infographic

Christmas Infographic

Did you know?

During the festive period, the best performing categories are alcohol, confectionery and snacks.

Check out our top 10 selling lines below and compare your pricing to get the most out of your range.

Alcohol Top Tips:

Get your range right

Alcohol, especially high-ticket items such as spirits are often high risk, high reward. Understanding the tastes of your shoppers will help you reduce this risk. Your EPoS reports can help with this!

Know your competition

During Christmas, the major supermarkets offer some amazing promotions on their alcohol. If you find that you can’t beat them on price, offer unique lines (such as emerging Craft Gins) and beat them on customer experience

Think Gifts!

Alcohol is popular gift during the festive period. Consider swapping out some of your weaker selling alcohol lines for gift packs from popular brands such as Guinness and Smirnoff.

Confectionery Top Tips

Think outside the box

People’s eating habits change during the festive seasons. Portions get bigger and tastes get more exotic. Consider increasing the range of ‘Share Size’ lines and introduce products such as Turkish Delight if you’re not already.

Beat the supermarkets with promotions

Many people will purchase their confectionery gifts cheaply from the supermarket. IF you can, why not compete with some great promotions on your confectionery lines

Push Impulse

If you’re located on a busy high street, many of your visitors will most likely be in the midst of Christmas shopping. Why not push a chocolate bar at the till to sweeten up their day?

Snacks top Tips

Sharing is caring

The festive period is a time for family, which means sharing your snacks! Ensure that you’ve got a ample supply of share sized bags of your most popular lines available.

Remember your meal deals

Many people still work throughout the Christmas Period and offering stability in the form of a meal deal can be a great way to steal some custom form the supermarkets, who will still be struggling with stock and customer levels after Christmas.

Unique Christmas Snacks

Just like confectionery, tastes change during Christmas. You may find that you’re selling far more cheese savouries and pretzels during the Christmas period than normal. Check your reports and order right!

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