Christmas certainly leaves a stamp on all of us...

December 4, 2019
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The sector where Christmas boosts sales 149%

Christmas brings an increase in sales across the board, but one particular market segment is perhaps more surprising than most.

While sales figures for confectionery and frozen items are expected to rise during the month before December 25th, one sector that largely outperforms all else is (…drum roll please…) stationery.

Despite a growing reliance on all things digital when it comes to sending messages, according to our data, sales of stationery in convenience stores increased 149% during December 2018. That’s a whopping great increase when compared to average sales from January to September.

Stamps and Blu-tack

Delving further into this fact, 22.58% of all stamps purchased throughout the year are sold in December. November accounts for 7.9% during the run up to Christmas. Only 2.5% of stamps sold during this time were holiday-themed or collector’s stamps.

Sales of Blu-tack are also strong. A total of 22.48% of the sticky blue substance sold during December and a further 9.15% purchased the previous month.

Gift Bags and Christmas Cards

Perhaps less surprisingly, gift bags are also on the up throughout the last month of the year. A grand total of 25.91% of all gift bags are sold during December, while 8.90% were sold throughout November. Some 20.95% of gift bags sold during December are winter themed or Christmas gift bags.

When it comes to Christmas cards, 13.42% of all cards are sold during December, out of these 21.69% are known Christmas cards. Leading up to Christmas (Oct-Dec) accounts for 29.575% of all cards sold during the year, based on units sold in 2018.

There need be no speculation on the reasons behind such a jump in sales figures here. As Christmas approaches, people are sending parcels, cards, presents, and correspondence in great numbers. Therefore, gift bags, and stamps are all required by the bucket load.

As for the likes of Blu-tack, with so many displays and events taking place – from schools to the workplace – something has to hold everything together. If only those awkward family get togethers could be held together in the same way…

For further stationery sales information regarding Christmas, or any other time of year, get in touch with our data team.

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