We have recently developed a particular affinity with chocolate orange confectionary, there has been something of a “Chocolate Orange Boom.” This year to date the ‘chocolate orange’ market is worth £990k. The majority is made up of Confectionery but other categories are taking advantage of this trend.

May 26, 2021
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Chocolate Orange Boom

The combination of chocolate and orange is on the march!

Though chocolate and orange flavours have always paired well –there is currently a “Chocolate Orange Boom.” This year to date, our data show that the ‘chocolate orange’ market is worth £990k. Most is Confectionery (95% of spend) but other categories are taking advantage of this trend – Cakes, Biscuits, Cereal Bars, Yogurts, Desserts, Milkshakes, Ice Cream and Alcohol! Choc orange confectionery has been growing considerably faster than total chocolate confectionery.

Chocolate Orange sales have accounted for 4.3% of all Chocolate Confectionery sales in 2021.

95% of the ‘Chocolate/Orange’ boom across our estate relates to Chocolate Confectionery, with the biggest seller still Cadbury’s Orange Twirl. Terrys Chocolate Orange is now available as Milk, Dark, White, Bars, Segsations, Minis, Biscuit Bars, Easter Eggs, Ice Cream, and Cookies.

    1. Cadbury Orange Twirl 43g
    2. Cadbury orange Giant Buttons 110g
    3. Aero Intense Orange Sharing Bar 90g
    4. Galaxy Smooth Orange 110g
    5. Terrys Choco Orange minis 95g

With the exception of the Terrys Choco Orange Minis, all these top-selling chocolate orange products launched in the last 12 months. Cadbury’s Orange Twirl makes up 26% of all the chocolate orange sales, year to date.

Whilst growth in the last year can be attributed to some major brands adding ‘chocolate orange’ to their range (Galaxy Smooth Orange launched this year) It’s likely there’ll be some further growth to come, as new products are still coming onto the market, the latest being Yorkie which launched on10th May.

Restock your shelves to take advantage of the upward curve – and don’t forget, it’s not just to be found in confectionery – look out for Chocolate Orange Stout, Chocolate Orange Vodka Liqueur, Chocolate Orange Candles, Chocolate Orange Custard and even Carob and Orange Pet Treats.

Finally, if that hasn’t got your mouth watering, these ideas surely will – use up the rest of your lockdown flour and bake something from this range of chocolate orange recipes from BBC Good Food!

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