On average, 18 new cannabidiol SKUs have reached TRDP stores every month since its legalisation in November 2018.

December 19, 2019
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CBD product launches reflect category evolution

New health and beauty innovations are far from uncommon. Fresh products are launched in huge numbers each year. However, a new evolution has materialised following the legalisation of CBD oils.

The last three months have seen a great number of CBD (cannabidiol) merchandise announced in the UK’s trade press. Despite the cultural taboo of buying ‘cannabis’ products, these new items have proven to be of considerable interest to convenience retailers.

CBD Figures On The Rise

On average, 18 new cannabidiol SKUs have reached TRDP stores every month since its legalisation in November 2018. There were some 116 SKUs scanned across 793 TRDP stores (27% of the estate) in November 2019 alone.

CBD oil sales growth
The first half of the year saw the proliferation of various strength and flavour CBD e-liquids. Starting from August 2019, the cannabidiol range and format expanded to include more oils, drops, sprays, confectionery, and food & drink lines.

CBD e-liquids and hemp-infused rolling papers are the most popular product choices among symbol and indie retailers. However, it is cannabidiol soft drinks that generate the highest sales revenue for the category.

Best-selling SKUs by value, 12 weeks to 1/12/2019
SKU name £ Sales 12 weeks to 1/12/2019 Number of Stockists
Raw Organic Hemp Unrefined Ks Rolling Paper £8,730.39 474
Green Monkey Cbd 250ml £4,461.99 143
E-Fast CBD Mojito Energy Drink 250ml Can £3,971.20 117
E-Fast Cbd Classic Drinks 250ml Can £3,417.84 112
CBD Oil £3,388.36 100
SoStoned Cannabis  Energy Drink 330ml £1,671.66 32
Dead Mans Fingers Hemp Rum 40% £1,633.02 35
Edge  E-Liq Fruit Pm500 £1,313.00 144
Edge  E-Liq Lime Pm500 £1,028.90 116
Edge  E-Liq Ment Pm500 £890.10 122

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