To help you prepare for Easter we have shared some top tips from one of our top selling retailers Charlotte Green of SuperShop in Stoke on Trent.

March 3, 2017
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Case Study: How this retailer achieved £400 additional weekly Easter Egg profit

Charlotte Green at SuperShop has an impressive Easter Egg range that has increased in profit by £400 per week each year since 2013. She shared three important tips

Offer a decent range

Her Easter Egg range includes Malteaser, Cadbury’s, Galaxy, Mars and Thornton’s with an extensive selection of Easter Egg alternatives such as Cream Eggs, Kinder Surprise, Galaxy Golden Eggs, Mini Eggs and more.

She also uses the reports on her EPoS system to keep up with good and bad sellers to ensure that she’s not wasting shelf space with products that don’t sell.

Think about location

Charlotte moved her confectionery to the opposite side of the store and replaced it with Easter eggs and Easter egg alternatives. Customers who knew the store walked to that area expecting to find single serving chocolates but instead found their Easter range. This increased the chance of an impulse purchase and further drove sales within this category.

Keep a close eye on stock

Easter eggs are incredibly seasonal so it’s important to sell as much of your Easter Egg stock during the Easter period. That said, you don’t want to be out of stock. Charlotte has a strategy for keeping on top of stock levels.

‘In the weeks leading up to Easter we dedicate two metres of space to Easter eggs and other novelties. We stock a large Easter range which does really well for us, and generates (on average) an extra £2000 in impulse sales over a four-week period. We work hard over this month to keep the eggs stocked by running back and forth to the warehouse for more stock’, Charlotte Green.

If you want some tips on boosting your turnover by up to £7,000 with alcohol, confectionery, and drinks, click here to view our Easter infographic.

Tips for driving Easter Sales:

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