John West has continued to drive category value through innovation which has helped to attract new buyers to this half-billion pound category.

July 13, 2016
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Canned Fish for the Healthy Living Market

John West TunaJohn West has continued to drive Canned Fish category value through innovation which has helped to attract new buyers to this half-billion pound category. The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) have uncovered insights to help merchandise this brand effectively in order to drive category growth, which will maximise sales and increase daily footfall.

With it being the New Year, you need not worry about the loss of sales or decrease in your daily footfall. But, if you’re looking to spruce up your shelves and make change, why not try some new lines from John West?

Get your shoppers hooked with the new John West light lunch French style Tuna Salad. A product that is convenience quick and targets the health conscious shopper.

Over the last year, John West has launched a range of new products including Chili and Garlic Tuna Spread and Tinned Mackerel in a variety of infused flavours.

‘John West is the number one Canned Fish brand, accounting for over half of all branded sales’, (Convenience Store, 2015).

Tuna infusion and herb steam pots are also available by John West in five flavours such as Lime and Coriander, Sun-dried Tomato, Chili & Garlic, Soy & Ginger and Black Oliver which is complemented with Couscous. They are quick and convenient for your ‘grab-and-go’ shopper, and are retailed at £2.69.John West Tuna Varieties

Clever ways to maximise sales of Tuna in your store

Understand the health-conscious shopper that you’re trying to appeal to and create an offering that would appeal to this type of consumer. For example stocking Fruit & Vegetables (if you don’t already!)

Merchandise these items next to complementary products, such as pasta and pasta sauces to cross-sell other products by giving your customers meal ideas. Why not add a meal-deal promotion to tie these products even closer together?

Introductory promotions on new lines, especially new additions to the market will encourage your shoppers to try something new.

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