How to win sales this Valentines, - we look at what sold this time last year in convenience stores across the UK

January 8, 2021
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Be Mine, Valentine!

We will surely still be locked down this Valentine’s Day. No restaurants, no romantic getaways, no city breaks. Just you, me and Netflix – so there had better be flowers, and chocolate and a quality bottle of wine – and a sentimental card in a red or pink envelope.

Cards: Last year, Card Connection cards topped the bill in the lead-up to Valentines, with sales of £10,976 in Valentines week (10th Feb 2020-16th Feb 2020) but just £677 in the preceding week. Card sales overall were up 676.8% on the previous week. We want to show we care – but we don’t feel the need to pre-plan! Best selling item overall was the Hidden Treasures Lottery scratchcard – perhaps it was slipped between the sheets of Valentine’s cards as a special surprise, sales went up in Valentines week by 261% last year.

Cadburys Milk Tray 180g

Confectionery:  Amorous shoppers also purchased £10,031 of Cadbury’s Milk Tray 180g in Valentines week and £3,856 the week before – which just goes to show, the lady still loves it.  Second last year was Lindor Milk Carton at £7,144, up 158% on the previous week.


Secretary Bird Merlot

Wine: Best  selling wine in Valentines week last year was Secretary Bird Merlot, sales totalled £3,697, – that’ll make for a good wine to share over that special meal. Let’s not forget that couples everywhere will be staying in – for a candle-lit, home-cooked, romantic meal, or a meal deal for two – or for those less inclined to work in the kitchen, for a takeaway and a tipple this year.

Ready meal:  It might be that the cooking duties fall to the person with less kitchen experience – get your chiller cabinets at the ready, highlight meal ideas for two, add a wine pairing – make it easy for them. Miscellaneous butchery items come second in the valentines list at £12,793 during Valentines week – up from £5,104 the week before – so it isn’t all about confectionery.

A last-minute bottle of wine and a box of chocolates will get those less organised shoppers out of trouble on this most romantic of evenings – be sure to be ready for them!

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