BackOffice stores experience 15% more turnover on average. We think the tools that make BackOffice great have something to do with this.

February 26, 2020
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Stores that use BackOffice make 15% more turnover - Here's Why

We think BackOffice is great. It’s an easy-to-use method of administering your ShopMate tills from anywhere. Perfect for the modern business owner, but did you know that stores with access to BackOffice also enjoy 15% higher turnover and greater footfall 14.3%?. That’s a difference of about £10,000 a month on average. We’re not saying that BackOffice creates £10,000 a month in additional turnover. We do believe that it helps retailers make decisions and react more quickly, which is an essential part of convenience retailing. Here are some of the BackOffice tools that retailers like you can use to help maximise your revenue:

Real-Time Reports

Knowledge is power, and ShopMate’s wealth of reports put that knowledge at your fingertips. BackOffice takes that further by making ShopMate’s reports available, in real-time, to you where you are. That means you can monitor sales of any product or category, track busy periods in your store, understand how your customers pay for their shopping, and more from within BackOffice with just a few clicks.

BackOffice Reports

Remote Price Updates

With multiples and discounters racing to the bottom, charging the right price is paramount. Our free Top-Seller-Report can tell you what you should be charging for high-selling lines but what if you’re not in the store to make the change. BackOffice can make the change instantly to your till and even send the Shelf-Edge-Labels (SEL’s) to your printer in-store, ready for display.

Shelf Edge Labels BMORE

Remote Promotion Management

You’re likely running dozens of promotions at the moment, some promotions work, and some don’t. You may even be running custom promos that appeal uniquely to your shoppers. If you’ve ever had a moment of inspiration, whether it be at your Wholesaler or in the presence of peers, it can be a pain if you can’t act on that. Like pricing, BackOffice allows you to add, remove, or modify promotions on ShopMate instantly and, once again, send the SEL’s to the printer to be displayed in-store.

Promo Barker BMORE

It’s one thing to read an article, but why not experience the benefits of BackOffice yourself. Click HERE to learn more about how it can work for you, or call 01780 480 562 to speak to our team and get set up!

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