We spoke with some of the winners of The Scottish Local Retailer Awards 2020

January 8, 2021
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Award Winning Stores

The Scottish Local Retail Awards have been proud to announce their winners for 2020 on 11th December. The judging usually takes place in person and the team visit stores, speaking to all nominees – this time they had to use other means to contact retailers, relying on the tech of Zoom and WhatsApp. The resulting shortlist was unveiled on the SLR Awards website. The award ceremony was held online on 11th December. Two of the winners, Jacks of Blantyre and Premier Dundee have been long-standing users of TRDP’s ShopMate EPoS System.

Jacks of Blantyre were the winners of the Responsible Retailer of the Year. In his store in Glasgow, Mo is an integral part of his community, being part of a scheme to help provide bags of groceries to families who are struggling as a result of the Covid19 crisis. The community is also supporting a scheme to help feed hungry local children – who are supplied with a special phrase so that the server knows they are unable to pay for the goods – but will continue to provide a meal free of charge. The store has been delivering shopping to local households who are self-isolating or shielding. Finally, they have also been involved in a scheme running over Christmas to provide donated gifts to local children.

Premier Dundee was awarded Beer Wines and Spirits Retailer of the Year. The Dundee team have recently upgraded the category which also includes some drink-aware, low alcohol items in order to promote responsible drinking to their young customers. They have removed all high strength alcohol from the range. The store, based on the Dundee University campus, is dedicated to the local student population. Two and a half years the store increased its floor space and the team make sure that each category really pulls its weight.  They sell fresh produce, free from, and bespoke clothing and stationery range to appeal to their unique customer base.

Not only that but the team also took home the Fresh Chilled and Frozen Retailer of the Year Award.  The store has healthy eating recipe cards created by the store manager Moira who used to work as a chef – the recipes were written for novice cooks and linked to items that were always in stock in the store. Working together with  Student services, the compiled recipes were published in a book format for Freshers.

The Premier Dundee team also won Sustainability Retailer of the Year Award! They never stop working to make sure they are making improvements. They have switched, along with the student union to sustainable, reusable coffee cups and reusable water bottles – that can be filled from the recently installed water fountains. They removed all single-use carrier bags four years ago and introduced linen totes. They are involved in a deposit return scheme and vouchers from this can be redeemed in store. They have also introduced eco-friendly cleaning products from a local firm – meaning the products themselves have also travelled fewer miles to get to the end-user.

It is clear that Moira and her team are innovators in every area and prepared to work with the University teams and external suppliers to make changes and this helps to keep things fresh and innovative – which appeals to their young customer base.

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