From September 14th, 2019, the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into force. Find out more by reading this article...

August 5, 2019
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Are you ready for the changes coming on card payments

From September 14th, 2019, there will be new regulations covering the use of contactless cards.

The new regulations will require cardholders to validate their identity. When a consumer reaches a cumulative spend of 150 euros, or when five consecutive contactless transactions have been completed, they will be required to authenticate using their PIN number in a standard chip & PIN transaction. All contactless attempts will be declined until they have done this.

The European Commission has introduced “Strong Customer Authentication” to prevent payment fraud losses. Over the last ten years card, card fraud has been increasing and hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down. The new regulation may cause an increase in Chip and PIN requests.

How can you prepare?

There are two main ways:

  1. Ensure that you have the latest recommended hardware from your payment provider and that your software is up-to-date. If in doubt, contact your provider to check.
  2. Train all of your staff in the potential increase in declined contactless transactions. Your staff need to be able to explain to the shopper why the contactless payment has failed, and tell them that PIN entry is required.


Remember: if a customers’ card is declined on contactless – try using the Chip and PIN transaction type and this may resolve it.

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