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The Value of ShopMate
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NHS App with advice for those who have to isolate
Retailers React – Shelf Shortages and the Pingdemic 

Our survey amongst the Independent convenience store community across the UK last week has shown that they are being seriously impacted by the so-called “pingdemic.”

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Take Stock For These Upcoming 2020 Events 

There are some big events and changes coming in 2020 for retailers. Get ahead of the curve and stock up for these big events...

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Will Bill Payment Bring Added Footfall? 

While bill payments may bring in customers, their baskets are not profitable.

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Retailers React – Surcharge Ban 

What did you do to overcome the Surcharge Ban? 56% of respondents introduced a Minimum Card Spend. Find out more in the latest TRDP Retailers React.

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Retailers React – Autumn Budget 

What kind of impact do you feel the new 2018 UK Budget will have on your retail business? 62% of respondents anticipate a negative impact on their retail business.

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