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The Value of ShopMate
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Retailer Profile – Abington General Store 

MUP has made very little difference. The only change so far is a downturn in cider sales.

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Retailer Profile – Belle Vue GoLocal 

I always recommend good suppliers and services to other retailers. You share good experiences with other business owners and that’s how it is with TRDP. They are at the top of that list.

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Hot Food Profile: Ryhall Village Stores 

I’d definitely recommend selling hot food as it improves footfall. It’s made a massive difference. We get a lot of returning customers.

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Retailer Profile – Zeenat Supermarket 

Take a look behind the scenes of Birmingham's Zeenat Supermarket and their use of Local Loyalty!

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Retailer Profile – Collyweston Community Shop 

Award winning Collyweston Community Shop is run by retired estate agent Sandra Johnson and her fellow volunteers. This delightful grant funded establishment has been running for seven years and is situated in peaceful Collyweston, Lincolnshire.

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