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The Value of ShopMate
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Be Mine, Valentine! 

How to win sales this Valentines, - we look at what sold this time last year in convenience stores across the UK

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Hogmanay or hogs-wash-out? 

Based on last year's sales, which items can retailers expect will be the bestsellers this New Year?

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Panic Buying over Brexit? 

The National Press is again urging shoppers not to panic buy, this time over a no-deal Brexit. Convenience stores should consider what this means for them and their stock levels.

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How to optimise for the last-minute Christmas shoppers: 

Last Christmas, in the final three shopping days before Christmas, these items were the bestsellers.

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Christmas Bestsellers to promote in your store 

This year, we’re entering December under the strangest conditions - what can stores do to optimise for the best Christmas Sales?

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