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The Value of ShopMate
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Tobacco remains a major revenue driver for independent c-stores 

Despite continuing decline in consumption, Tobacco remains a vital source of revenue and profit for independent c-stores

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Man Vaping
Alternative Smoking 

Vaping sales have been growing in independent c-stores for at least two consecutive years.

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MUP Update – Initial fears failed to materialise 

Although we are still within the first year of MUP being implemented, there are already some notable emerging trends in alcohol purchases in independent c-stores in Scotland.

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Surcharge Ban – Retailer Insights 

Over the last year, the change has impacted thousands of businesses, many of these small or medium enterprises (SME). Read more in the latest TRDP Retailer Insight on the Surcharge Ban.

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Convenience Card Payments Lag Behind Wider Retail 

With Card Payment penetration in Convenience 62% behind the rest of retail, we look at the potential causes and impacts.

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