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Retailers React – The Illicit Tobacco Trade
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The Sugar Tax April 2018 

On the 16th March 2016, the government announced their commitment to introducing a new sugar tax on soft drinks to combat obesity. The new tax is set to be enforced in April 2018. Have you prepared for this change?

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Tobacco trends since EU TPD 2 

Convenience stores have always relied on Tobacco, with the category representing over 20% of total sales on average. The introduction of the EU Tobacco Products Directive in May 2017, brought significant changes to the way in which retailers display and sell Tobacco.

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Belle Vue Retailer Profile
Staff Development – Bay’s Top Tips 

We caught up with Bay and Sam to get their thoughts and ideas about staff development and to share their success stories

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Interact through Instagram effectively 

With over 30 million UK users and around 55 million photos shared daily, Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing platform. If you haven’t already, explore your social media performance from all angles and see what Instagram can offer you.

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5 Simple ways to branch out efficiently with Facebook 

The benefits of using Facebook are highlighted in our latest piece on Getting the most of Social Media. Here is how to get started with your new cyber venture with 5 useful tips.

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