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The Value of ShopMate
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Will Cider’s popularity in Wales lead to greater MUP Impact? 

Cider is Wales' strongest growing alcoholic subcategory. Will Minimum Unit Pricing change this?

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Stores that use BackOffice make 15% more turnover – Here’s Why 

BackOffice stores experience 15% more turnover on average. We think the tools that make BackOffice great have something to do with this.

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Welsh MUP – Frequently Asked Questions 

Minimum Unit Pricing in Wales - Your questions answered

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TRDP Newsletter – February 2020 

Get the latest News and Insights in our TRDP Newsletter

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Has MUP Changed Scottish Shopper Habits? 

We hit the streets of Edinburgh to survey C-store customers about their MUP knowledge and reactions. The results may surprise you...

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