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The Value of ShopMate
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How to schedule your Social Media and what to post. 

Social media is useful for an independent store to help keep customers updated about promotions and other news within the store but it can be difficult to keep it looking fresh whilst concentrating on the store. We've got loads of ideas to help you!

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What can Social Media do for the Independent Store Owner? 

You’ve got a Facebook page – a few random followers, a good photo of the outside of the store but now what? How can you get your Facebook page working for you without spending all week working on it?

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Chewing it over 

Sales of chewing gum have fallen during the Covid19 lockdowns. I know what you’re thinking… now we’re not meeting in person and we just see each other on Zoom, it doesn’t matter if we have fresh breath anymore!! But does the evidence back up the theory?

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What to expect from our Emergency Support service 

We want to let you know what we're ready to deal with during emergency hours so that you can be confident when contacting us that your issue will be resolved.

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St Patricks Day 2021 

It’s not going to be the biggest event of the year, because this year, as with so many other celebrations, St Patrick's Day is to be held under lockdown conditions. BUT, if St Patrick’s day has even half the impact on Guinness sales that it had last year – it’s worth getting in a few cases before the 17th of March!

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