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The Value of ShopMate
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Why Big Retailers Are Using Big Data 

The data provided by TRDP via personalised emails is absolutely fantastic. It’s given us the information needed to make decisions and gauge what our store is doing.

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TRDP Newsletter – January 2020 

Get the latest News and Insights in our TRDP Newsletter

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Take Stock For These Upcoming 2020 Events 

There are some big events and changes coming in 2020 for retailers. Get ahead of the curve and stock up for these big events...

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Hot Food Profile: Ryhall Village Stores 

I’d definitely recommend selling hot food as it improves footfall. It’s made a massive difference. We get a lot of returning customers.

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Which Drinks Do People Buy From C-Stores at New Year? 

Ever wondered what the best-selling beer, cider, or spirit over the festive period has proven to be? Read on…

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