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The Value of ShopMate
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Commercial Innovations to Help Stores 

We are always innovating to ensure our systems are efficient and reliable. These recent developments show we take pride in ensuring our innovation has real meaning for the stores we serve.

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Summer Madness 

The Summer months are cautiously approaching -whilst Summer 2020 was spent at home, 2021 feels like it might be spent outside – this time with friends and family.

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Chocolate Orange Boom 

We have recently developed a particular affinity with chocolate orange confectionary, there has been something of a “Chocolate Orange Boom.” This year to date the ‘chocolate orange’ market is worth £990k. The majority is made up of Confectionery but other categories are taking advantage of this trend.

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TRDP Newsletter – April 2021 

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The Burning Issue 

Hot topic: New regulations on ready to burn fuel sold in convenience stores come into force from 1st May.

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