The benefits of using Facebook are highlighted in our latest piece on Getting the most of Social Media. Here is how to get started with your new cyber venture with 5 useful tips.

August 30, 2017
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5 Simple ways to branch out efficiently with Facebook

5 Simple ways to branch out efficiently with Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media networking site and is continuing to grow in popularity with 37.7 million UK users. It offers many opportunities for business growth and is a valuable tool for promoting your business.


Choose your objectives

target audienceDetermine your target audience. Whether it be customers, leading retailers or contacts in your industry.
Then, decide what you want to achieve, examples include:

Connect with customers
Local awareness
Community outreach
Communicate with industry peers


Create a business page

Create a business pageTo create a business page, you will need a Facebook account.

Trust is an important part of any local business. An easy way to build trust on Facebook is with an attractive profile and an honest, friendly tone-of-voice. What’s more, a complete profile also helps to build trust.

Essential information to include:

Business Website
Additional social media addresses
Business information


Build awareness

promote your business
Promote your business page to all who enter your store. Display flyers, posters and signs with your Facebook name and how they can find you. Word of mouth is a brilliant way to engage and boost your popularity. You can also enhance your likes list by inviting your personal Facebook friends to like your page.

Once you’ve got followers, engage them with interesting content and competitions. For example, encourage followers to help reach a certain amount of likes on your page. In addition, why not use Facebook to promote in-store competitions, potentially boosting footfall and sales.

Mo’s Top Facebook Tips

Mo Razzaq is one of the UK’s leading convenience retailers, running Premier and Family Shopper stores in Scotland. He is also well known for his social media presence, maintaining active Facebook profiles for his stores. We asked him for some tips on how to find success on Facebook and what works for him.

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously
Don’t just focus on your business, keep your Facebook content topical, funny, light-hearted and unique.

2. Encourage engagement with competitions
An incentive is a great way to get people to like and engage with your content. Prize draw posts on Mos’s profiles can reach 100 likes each.

3. Embrace video
A home movie is a great, quick way to keep your shoppers up to speed on what’s going on. Just get your phone out, start filming and post!



business page contentPost daily content, keep up-to-date with news and trends and frequently update your profile and cover photos. This not only keeps your profile fresh and modern, but also provides your followers with frequent, interesting content.

There are several ways to do this:

Share photos, links, videos
Create and list events in your local area
Support charity sponsorships
Send direct messages
Add your location to find your business
Start live videos
Instant chat
Maintain customer reviews
Post rich, high quality content
Organise prize draws and competitions


Make an investment

make an investment

A standard Facebook page is free and does everything you might expect from a social networking site and more.

Should you choose to boost your Facebook page to reach a larger audience, why not look into promoting your Facebook page with paid ads to reach a wider section of the public? You can even choose specific demographics such as location, age, gender etc. You need to monitor your expenditure carefully, otherwise you can run up a substantial bill in a short period of time.

Facebook marketing in time, will create a concrete cyber foundation for your business to depend on.

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