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The Value of ShopMate
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TRDP Newsletter – September 2019 

Get the latest news and insights in the TRDP September Newsletter

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Upcoming TRDP Coupon Campaign – Burtons Biscuits 

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Burtons Biscuits to offer an exciting coupon opportunity for all of our customers.

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Track and Trace to be Suspended in Event Of No Deal Brexit 

The suspension will remain in force until a British stand-alone system is introduced.

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Facts and Figures About Beer 

Déjà brew, it's National Beer Drinker's Day again!

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Scottish Government To Restrict Promotions Of HFSS Products 

Consultation documents propose a range of measures, reportedly to be enforced by local authorities, where multi-buys, upselling and free samples would be outlawed.

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