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What happens if we have a power cut?

We supply an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery as an optional extra. This will keep the till(s) running for 15 – 20 minutes. When the power returns, you can download all the stock and revenue details from the hand held scanner into the till.

Please Note: If you have chosen to install the ShopMate system yourself, or if you have a Booker FREE system, the UPS battery is not included, but you can buy a battery if you wish

I run wholesaler promotions but I also want to set up my own special offers. How easy is it to do this?

With ShopMate, it is easy to change any promotion on the till based on what works for you.

If I am not always in the shop, can I access the EpoS system from home?

If you have broadband at home and in the shop, you can access the EpoS system to see / amend / print reports, set up special offers, change prices etc.

How does the i-movo voucher system work?

Working with i-movo is an exciting development and means that The Retail Data Partnership can provide you with a means of managing newspaper vouchers electronically. For the Financial Times to start with, but soon across other newspapers and other products too.

We have updated our software (version 6.7.0) to allow the system to recognise and validate the different promotions / cards supplied through i-movo. This is being rolled out now.

For you this means no more:

  • voucher handling /counting
  • lost vouchers
  • delayed payments…

This latest move to help retailers by TRDP will help enormously by cutting down voucher handling hassle. In addition payments will come through to you far more quickly with no risk of vouchers getting lost in the system. i-movo also arrange special nation-wide promotions with brands such as Coca Cola, Yazoo and Grolsch – processed and settled in the same way as the newspaper subscription vouchers.

Essentially, i-movo is a service whereby:

  • subscribers to the Financial Times (and soon, other newspapers) can use a card (or barcode on a smartphone) to purchase their newspaper, which means that the retailers doesn’t have to collect and manage paper vouchers
  • consumers can download promotions onto their phones, and redeem them through our stores.

How does PaperRound work?

It is a fully functional Home News Delivery system that links to Smiths News Connect2U website, and Menzies for electronic delivery notes. The data is held on a web server, which allows for up to date functionality which other HND systems do not provide, such as e-mailed billing, customer enquiries, etc. It even allows customers to update their own orders and holiday dates. Click for more information from the PaperRound website.

Can I have an EPoS system installed for three months on a trial basis, then keep it if I like it?

Unfortunately not. There are several reasons for this. We supply new equipment to our customers. If it has been used for three months, it cannot be re-sold as “new” because it isn’t new. So we would lose money. Some of our largest costs are the costs of staff having to set up and test systems, and then install them. You would have to bear these costs, which are substantial, and which might make it rather an expensive trial! We are willing to visit you to demonstrate the EpoS system in detail (without obligation) so that you are not making a decision in the dark. We want you to be as confident as possible before you make your decision.

How quickly can I have an EpoS system installed, following my initial order?

This depends mainly on you. If you do your pre-installation scanning quickly, and return the hand held scanner to us within a couple of days, we could install your system within a week. This does depend on other installations we may have scheduled, but we want to help you get trading with the ShopMate EpoS system as soon as possible!

Which wholesalers can I send electronic orders to?

Nisa Todays (including Costcutter), Booker, Bestway, Palmer & Harvey, Londis, BA Cash & Carry, Parfetts, First Choice and Sutherland Brothers. Ordering from other wholesalers will be added as they make this facility available.

How do I deal with items that do not have barcodes, such as phone top-ups, or fresh fruit and vegetables?

We work with you to lay out the “hotkeys” on your touch screen, so that you can control the prices and manage the stock of these items in the best way for you. The hotkey layouts are flexible, and designed to your individual requirements.

Do you provide finance for your EpoS systems?

We work with lease brokers who can normally arrange finance on competitive terms. The main advantages of this kind of finance are:

Tax rebates generally cover the additional cost of finance, so you pay about the same amount as if you had paid cash.

Cashflow. You have the cash in your business to finance stock etc. and you spread the cost over three or five years.

How much training will I get on the ShopMate EpoS system?

The ShopMate EpoS system is designed to be so easy to use that you don’t need days of training. When the system is installed, the installation engineer installs the system, then spends two to three hours with you training you on how to use it. During the few weeks following installation, we normally receive some calls from customers asking about various functions which they have forgotten how to use, but our customer support team is available from 07h00 to 22h00 (Monday to Saturday) and 07h00 to 18h00 (Sunday) 365 days a year to help you.

We also provide a Quick Start Guide and Operating Manual. The customer support team is available to answer your queries and provide advice

How does The Retail Data Partnership differ from any other EPoS supplier?

We keep your whole price file up to date, not just ambient or news & magazines etc. Some symbol groups provide Epos systems and maintain a price file for the products that they supply, but nobody covers the whole price file as we do. We are an independent supplier, so if you decide to change your main wholesaler, you won’t have to change your Epos system as well.

If The Retail Data Partnership is updating prices on my EpoS system, does that mean that the system has to be connected to the phone line all the time?

No, the EpoS system uses broadband. If you have broadband in the shop, it will be connected all the time (you can obviously use the line for other things as well).

If The Retail Data Partnership is updating prices on my EpoS system, does that mean that I can’t control my own prices?

No, we update RRP and cost prices from the wholesalers to your EpoS system. You can over-ride any price on your system, quickly and easily.

How much work do I have to do to get the EpoS system running in my shop?

We provide a hand held scanner with barcodes and product descriptions of more than 120,000 products. You can scan in the prices you are selling at today and return the scanner. When the system is installed, ALL your products are priced, and you can start trading immediately. We also provide a full set of shelf-edge labels.

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