What can ShopMate offer you?

Tried and Tested

Efficient, Automatic updates

Intuitive Reporting

Expert Support

TRDP have worked in the convenience sector for 20 years, delivering solutions that are proven to boost the efficiency and performance of retail businesses. Our latest fuel innovations are developed in partnership with Gilbarco, one of the world’s leading fuel solutions providers.

ShopMate receives regular price file and promotion updates from the UK’s major wholesalers. What’s more, our enhanced price file fills the gaps ensuring that retailers have the right price for any product.

Knowing what goes on day-to-day is essential for any business to thrive. ShopMate features a suite of intuitive reports allowing retailers to know their business inside-out, and make educated decisions on what to sell.

ShopMate users are supported with expert UK-based technical support. In fact, 99% of all support calls received by TRDP are resolved remotely, without the need for a site visit.