ShopMate: Dependable EPoS for Convenience Stores
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The Retail Data Partnership has worked with retailers for 20 years to help them improve their business by developing ShopMate, the convenience sector’s most dependable EPoS system.

95.75% of calls resolved this month

3,193 live shops throughout the UK

£2.63 billion
transaction value
(prev. 12 months)

302 million
total transactions
(prev. 12 months)

£2.56 billion
2020 transaction value

Dedicated support 365 days a year

4,767 live tills throughout the UK

ShopMate Benefits

EPoS made easy and secure

Up to 3% more profit for your business

We maintain the product / price file for you

Many third party services available

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Expertise in every area

With a team of over 50, we have the expertise to support your retail business and help boost your profits.

Customer Support

Software Development

Hardware & Installations

Data Analysis & Insights

Customer Support

A good EPoS system should be at the centre of your store and we know how disruptive it is when things go wrong.

That’s why our expert UK support team are available and will work to fix your till remotely on the first call so you can get back to business.

Software Development

We’re always striving to improve ShopMate EPoS system. Our development team spend each day developing new features and refining ShopMate to make it as reliable and easy to use as possible.

We also regularly integrate with third party services to give you more revenue opportunities.

Hardware & Installations

We designed ShopMate to not only be easy to use but also easy to set up yourself. If you’d rather, an experienced installer can visit your store and install your till, tidy any cabling and carry out basic training to get you going.

What’s more, all of our tills include a 3 year ‘back-to-base’ warranty so you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to a working till.

Data Analysis & Insights

Did you know that in 2015 ShopMate processed £1.4bn of transactions. We store and analyse every transaction to provide data and insights to retailers and suppliers.

We carry out analysis of product sales, baskets, time of day, day of week and more.


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Use our Category Top Seller Report to break down and understand the convenience market and current category trends. Just provide your email address and access the report for free.


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